Iliro 'Big Roo' Smit

a "new breed" of Ruckman

His goal for this season is to be the “best Ruckman in the league” not just hitouts wise but around the ground too.

He sets out to win more contested possessions and clearances with speed, while still defensively tackling and intercepting play. He aims to be the best marker in the game and wants to be known for his contested pack marking.

Iliro has high hopes of being drafted and aims to be a “new breed” of Ruckman. Standing at 200cm his mobility and leap are very enviable. Twice he clocked sub-3-seconds in the 20m sprint at 2022 pre-league testing showing great speed. His 95kg frame and strong hands allow him to dominate aerially.

Iliro has made it a focus to seamlessly kick from any position on the ground and use both sides of his body.

Ring a Ding Ding

Ring a Ding Ding

13 May 2024
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Young Guns series 2024

Young Guns series 2024

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Shoulder 2023

Shoulder 2023

25 September 2023
Coming back from his knee was a long process that really tested the resilience and persistence of iliro with rehab...
We are back baby!

We are back baby!

6 May 2023
280 Days! I felt like forever, but at last I was able to get my first game back after surgery......

This is Iliro Smit, he is currently playing for the Eastern Ranges in the Coates Talent League. He plays in the Ruck and down Forward but is also keen to play other positions to showcase his talent around the ground. He has junior experience in every position but would love to explore these roles at a high level.

Iliro played his junior footy at Mt Evelyn JFC and Montrose FNC. He started Auskick when he was 4 and moved through until he was old enough to play his first junior game at U/9’s.

He remembers his first game vividly, before the game in the change rooms he realised “[he didn’t] have the shorts”. Luckily mum and dad were there to save the day and got him his playing shorts and socks for the game.

Iliro played at Mt Evelyn up until the end of the 2021 season then moved to Montrose for 2022; where he played Seniors, U/19’s and U/17’s all in the same year while putting together 8 games for ‘the Ranges’.

As many athletes do, Iliro suffered injuries in July 2022 as well as in May 2023 that had him ruled out from the Talent League competition for about 18 months. While these were major setbacks for him, he used that time to focus on his resilience and mindset, he totally aced his recovery.

His rehabilitation program included honing ground-ball skills, core strengthening and time on the running track, ensuring his optimal fitness so that he can smash his game-time for the 2024 season!

Recent squads

a Fantastic ability to slot into various teams

  • VIC Metro u18 Hub 2024
  • Young Guns u19 2024
  • Box Hill Hawks VFL 2024
  • Eastern Ranges u18 2024
  • Montrose FNC Seniors 2024
  • VIC Metro u18 Hub 2023
  • Eastern Ranges u18 2023
  • Montrose FNC Seniors 2023
  • VIC Metro u18 Hub 2022
  • VIC Metro u17 Team 2022
  • Eastern Ranges u19 2022
  • Montrose FNC Seniors 2022
  • Montrose FNC u19 2022
  • Montrose FNC u17 2022
  • AFL World Team 2021
  • VIC All Nations u16 2021

It's not all Footy!

Some days you need to step away from footy, school and other responsibilities and just want to chuck some tunes together and chill, go for a MTB ride or hike in the bush.

MTB riding

Some say it started with mountain biking,
some say it started with Footy, either way,
fearlessly flinging himself through the air is his number one love, dirt sandwich not so much.

After winning the Victorian Schools MTB Championship Series at age 11(u/13s), he turned his focus to AFL.

Iliro certainly has come a long way from his 2nd Bupa Around the Bay (50km) when he was 7!

Music Production

Mixing tunes is a great creative outlet, Iliro finds it relaxing but also a good challenge at the same time. As part of his music repertoire, he also plays guitar and the keyboard.

"It is very satisfying to mix my own sounds and loops into my tracks. I am working on an electronic album, it may take me 10 years to do but you gotta go for those goals!"

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