Shoulder 2023

Coming back from his knee was a long process that really tested the resilience and persistence of iliro with rehab and day to day life.

His first game back was played for Montrose u/19 where he was a bit rusty and still finding his feet again but still played well and dominated the hitouts.

The next week he got named to play Montrose Seniors and started strong in the ruck and laid some big tackles. However after twenty minutes in the first quarter, he was yet again side lined due to an injury coming off the ground with a dislocated shoulder which occurred in the ruck from an unfortunate chicken wing.

He was set to come back for Eastern Ranges in the game against Brisbane after already missing games earlier during the season due to ongoing conditioning.
He also missed the opportunity to play for Vic Metro trial games in 2023 and again missed the remainder of the 2023 season for Eastern and local.

Iliro Montrose v Croyden